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.Art Review by Sys Hatmann, Chief Editor, Weilbach Danish Art Encyclopedia .

Annelise Jarvis Hansens art can be divided in two categories: works with the nude figure on abstract background and works of pure abstract character. Common for both is the interest for the line and curve and elements of action versus contra-action. There is a constant play between the opposites - energies which flow between life and death, positive and negative - with the intention to reach a balancepoint.

Annnelise´s nudefigurative work, is composed naturalistic and in an abstract atmosphere of waving curves, rhythm and lines. She focuses on the human mind, emotions and soul, which mirrors in the abstract forms and which are brought in a timeless world. Annelise strive to obtain that mentality, emotionality, sexuality and spirituality coexist in a harmonious whole of selfconsiouness, cleaned from social, political, cultural and religious ties. Yin and Yang plays a role for her, as well as compostionsforms from Botticelli, Michelangelo and Rambrandt. .

Annelise´s pure abstract artwork is influenced by Lorser Feitelson´s "curvilinear abstraction", with their effort to obtain an interaction between space and the concrete forms.

Art Review byLorser Feitelson , artprofessor at Art Center College of Design, Los Angeles

Annelise Jarvis Hansens art is deeply rooted in Nordic metaphysical values. "Inner vision", she informs us, is the source of her subjectivity. Her creativity is compatibly assisted by her scholarship in historic and avant-garde art concepts of both "formalism" and "beyond formalism".

Annelise is expecially involved in the very interesting and complex problems of attaining a condition of "coexistence" of apparently antagonistic forces of harmony and discord within the framework of a single canvas; her ingeniously structured dualistic tension" becomes a new kind of aesthetic experience.

Her introspective world is represented pluralistically: at times through objective reality, at times through symbolic abstractions which evoke poetic, enigmatic states of mind and existential equivalent. Annelise´s art excellently represents the very interesting contemporary tendency towards creating an ambiguous art that is simultaneously ideational and sensate.

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