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Art is an attempt to create: a balance with opposite elements without contradictions, and to bring forth coexistence:- a state of ambiguity within the physical and nonphysical world:- a play between the different kinds of realities without judgment, a state of pure existence of all the elements that make up totality of life.

My love for the quality of the line is a constant influence upon my work. The speed of a curvilinear line is created by comparison to another curve or straight, the constant play of the difference of one edge to another, or the line that separates the forms, - or the broken line that travels through arabequeing means and in sensory alignments.

I explore the areas of action versus counteraction, and kinetic movements with the line, to create moods of anxiety, tension, disharmony, and chaos, versus harmony, equilibrium, tranquility, and balance. To understand harmony, i.e., I have to experience disharmony as deeply as I want to feel harmony. It is a constant play between the opposites - the energies that float between birth and death, positive and negative. To stay at a point of balance between the opposite in life is a point of departure of total perfection

Exercising various styles of pictorial structure and compositions, I found my love for the "locked-in composition". Repeating the frame vertically and/or horizontally, with extreme simplicity and directness, utilizing alignments for structural purposes, and the effects of light and dark to make the eye move within the painting in a manner that makes the viewer stay and feel my intentions, theme, and mysticism. - Executed not mainly in an intellectual way, but primarily by a free intuition and inner vision to my physical abilities.

To draw and paint from memory frees the imagination into inventiveness and releases one from the bounds that nature holds one in.- To constantly practice drawing and painting from models and nature is a must,- to add to one´s memory and retain what has been learned,-to increase one´s vocabulary in art. The more the memory retains the easier it is to reproduce only what is necessary, the essence, and to get to extreme simplicity. Ultra simplicity is a natural necessity to me, to do it and live it, to the finest point, is impossible; but if obtained, it is only for a fraction of a moment and if that fraction is caught in a piece of art, it will stay there forever and carry the most meaning; in life it will only be a memory, and it dies by the end of time. The most meaning is what I want in my work - abstract and figurative - a coexistence of my psychological tendencies of melancholy, sentimentality, sadness, and doubt,- with my feelings of love, joy and beauty.

I deal with political and social problems of our time in a way to transform our "cultures in conflict and war" to "cultures in peace". The problem that concerns me are for all human beings to live in a harmonious coexistence with all our differences of lifestyles and beliefs, aiming towards a good and joyful life for each individual and accepting each-other for the human being that each individual is, and regard gender, origin and appearances for the different aspects that it is in life and not to dominate or kill eachother over those differences, but to treasure the magnitude of all our rich inherited cultures and preserve them and the beauty of nature to the future generations.

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