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Kirkeskov Alle 30, 3th. 3050 Humlebaek -  Copenhagen - Denmark
Tel: (011 45) 38 19 47 20 

New York: 11 Jackson Ave Vikki -47. Scarsdale NY 10583

Email:      AnneliseHansen@ mail. dk

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2003/6 Denmark Royal Art Academy, graduate courses 

1980-84 BFA - Denmark University of Copenhagen -Art History and Philosophy-Denmark

1968-74 USA BFA -Art Center College of Design, Los Angeles California, USA
Studied Fine Arts with professor Lorsor Feitelson Chair of Fine Arts Dept.
Studied figure painting with Harry Carmean. Fine Art teacher at Art Center,

1966 Denmark Business College of Niels Brook, Copenhagen
Business Diploma- Handels Eksamen.
1962 Denmark High School Buddinge Skole, Søborg, Copenhagen

2010 Italy - Rivieria Contea di Levanti, La Spezia - Group Exhibit
2009 Global ART BOOK in Artoteque's Quality Art Book series. Editor Marta Dimitrescu Art
2009  Denmark -BKF- Nordsjælland, Hillerød Group Exhibit
2009  Denmark Copenhagen Helligånds Huset - Group Exhibit
2008 Germany Museum Bad Berleburg –Group Exhibit
2008 Demlark Copenhagen Helligånd Huset – Group Exhibit
2007 Armenien Modern Art Gallery of Yerevan – group exhibit LELA
2007 Jordan City Hall, Amman - Global Collection of Art -WOW 
2006 Denmark Copenhagen Art Gallery Portalen, Køge Art Society KKS 90 year anniversary show -
2006 Los Angeles Astro Museum and Modern Art Gallery-group show LELA -
2006 Copenhagen Øksenhallen –group exhibit Gallery
2006 Chicago Cultural Centre - Global Collection of Art -WOW
2005 Køge Rådhus, group Show
2004 Iceland Akureyri Museum, Global Collection of Art -WOW
2003 Alabama Mobile Museum, Global Collection of Art - WOW
2003 San Francisco Int. Museum of Women - Group Show
2002 Salzburg Kunstmesse, Contemporary Art Fair –Gallery Bells&Fillies
2002 Copenhagen Solo Show – Culture House Ballerup
2002 Alabama Mobile Museum – Global Collection of Art - WOW
2002 Alexandria Alexandria Museum – Group Show
2001 Arizona Tucson Museum
2001 New York Grand Central Station Group Show of Sept.11-Ground Zero
2001 Copenhagen Solo Exhibit – Sept. 11 – Ground Zero- “I was there”
2000 Michigan Flint Institute – Group Show
2000 Stockholm Global Collection – Volvo –group show
2000 New York White Columns Gallery A Global Collection of Art-
1999 Copenhagen Abstract Art Exhibit – Atelier Artemis
1998 Copenhagen Art and Human Right, LTA Gallery
1997 Copenhagen Art and Agenda 21 - Town hall, Lyngby
1995 Arizona Internet: World Women on Line – Arizona State http:/
1995 China-Beijing NGO-UN 4th World Conference Women-MiniArt Show
1994 Los Angeles Gallery Mythos - Juried Multimedia Show
1993 New Haven WCA -Women Caucus for Art -Yale University
1991 Copenhagen Nikolaj Museum - Juried KKS Artists Assoc. 75year Anniversary
1990 Copenhagen Gallery Old Beach - Abstract Exhibition
1988 Denmark Aarhus Town hall - Art Now
1988 Copenhagen The Newhausen Award Competition Juried Exhibit
1987 Denmark Aalborg Art hall, Exhibition - New Art
1987 Washington DC Natioanl Museum for Women in the Arts-Postcard-Art
1987 Denmark Artists Society, Køge Town hall
1986 Denmark Women Artists Association – Yearly Exhibition
1985 Greece Folegandros Library - Abstract Landscape
1983 Denmark Dronninglund Artcenter, N.Jutland -Figurative Art
1982 Denmark Amager Art Society, Figurative at Taarnby Hall
1982 Copenhagen Womens Art Gallery - Nude Figure Art Exhibit
1981 Copenhagen Ringkøbing Town hall Figurative Art Show
1981 Denmark Års Art Museum Himmerland Figurative Art Show
1981 Copenhagen Frederiksberg Town hall
1981 Denmark Aalborg Husets Galleri, Jutland -
1980 Copenhagen Glyptotek Museum - World Art Slide Show
1979 New York WOMENSART Galleries
1979 Los Angeles Society of Art Center Alumni Exhibition
1978 New York Westchester County Courthouse -Public Artists -
1978 Bologna International Fair of Contemporary Art
1978 Las Vegas International Fine Art Exhibit
1976 New York CAPS, Creative Artists Public Service
1976 Los Angeles Society of Art Center Alumni Exhibition
1976 New York Westchester Art Society, White Plains
1975 Paris Des Arts Graphiques-Paris City Council
1975 Atlanta Festival of Women in the Arts, City Hall
1975 Los Angeles Los Angeles Art Association-Interiors with figures Show
1975 New York Madison Ave. Gallerie Internationale - International Artists
1975 Los Angeles LA Art Association - Artists-Self-Portraits

MURALS selected

1994 Denmark School of Hareløse, Hillerød
1986 Greece Folegandros Island , Library
1979-84 Denmark Hospitals: County Hospitals:Haderslev, Viborg, Fuglebakken
1979-81 Denmark Community Centers: Herlev
1978-79 New York Scarsdale Police Station


by Lorser Feitelson , Artprofessor Art Center College of Design, Chair of Fine Art Dept, Los Angeles

Annelise Jarvis Hansen´s art is deeply rooted in Nordic metaphysical values.
"Inner vision", she informs us, is the source of her subjectivity.
Her creativity is compatibly assisted by her scholarship in historic and
avant-garde art concepts of both "formalism" and "beyond formalism".

Annelise is especially involved in the very interesting and complex problems
of attaining a condition of "coexistence" of apparently antagonistic forces
of harmony and discord within the framework of a single canvas; her
Ingeniously structured dualistic tension" becomes a new kind of aesthetic

Her introspective world is represented pluralistically: at times through
objective reality, at times through symbolic abstractions, which evoke poetic,
Enigmatic states of mind and existential equivalent. Annelise´s art excellently
Represents the very interesting contemporary tendency towards creating an
ambiguous art that is simultaneously ideational and sensate.


Art Review by Sys Hartman, Chief Editor, Weilbach Danish Art Encyclopedia
Annelise Jarvis Hansen’s art can be divided in two categories: works with the nude figure
on abstract background and works of pure abstract character. Common for both is the interest
for the line and curve and elements of action versus contra-action. There is a constant play
between the opposites - energies which flow between life and death, positive and negative –
with the intention to reach a balance point.

Annnelise´s nude figurative work, is composed naturalistic and in an abstract atmosphere of
waving curves, rhythm and lines. She focuses on the human mind, emotions and soul, which
mirrors in the abstract forms and which are brought in a timeless world.

Annelise strive to obtain that mentality, emotionality, sexuality and spirituality coexist in a
harmonious whole of self-consciousness, cleaned from social, political, cultural and religious ties.
Yin and Yang plays a role for her, as well as compositions forms from Botticelli, Michelangelo and Rembrandt.

Annelise´s pure abstract artwork is influenced by Lorser Feitelson´s "curvilinear hardedge abstraction"
with their effort to obtain an interaction between space and the concrete forms.

1994-08 USA CAA College Art Association -
1993-08 USA WCA Women´s Caucus for Art – LA chapter SCWCA -
1985-08 Denmark KKS Women Artists Society
1984-08 Denmark BKF Danish Artists Assoc. -
2005-08 Los Angeles LELA -
2006-08 Denmark ArtCirklen Exhibiting group -
1998 USA FATE-Foundation in Art Theory and Education  -
1991 Berlin IAWP Int.Assoc.of Women Philosopher -
1990 USA ASA American Society of Aesthetics -
1980 New York ISA Int. Society of Artists -
1978-80 New York AEA Artist Equity Assoc. -
1978 New York Who is Who in American Art -
1974-78 Los Angeles L.A.A.A. L.A. Art Association -


1998-07 New York NGO accredited to the United Nations, Executive Director of KIK
1996 Denmark Women’s Museum, Art and Culture Co-coordinator for KIK
1995 New York Secretariat for NGO-Forum
1995 China Beijing NGO-UN 4th World Women’s Conference. GLOBAL ART NETWORK
President of KIK-Kulturel Information & Koordination
Women in Art & Culture, NGO Coordinator


2002-07 New York UN-NGO Annual Conference -Art &Culture
2001 Chicago CAA College Art Assoc. WCA -speaker International Network
2000 New York CAA College Art Assoc. WCA -speaker International Network
1999 USA Ft. Collins FATE-Foundation of Art, Theory and Education,
1998 Stockholm UNESCO Conference – Power of Culture- speaker of panel
1998 Toronto CAA College Art Assoc. speaker panel-Multicultural Identity
1997 New York CAA College Art Assoc. WCA -speaker International Network
1996 New York UN-NGO Annual Conference, chair panel Art &Culture
1996 Boston WCA Women’s Caucus for the Arts on Views from Europe
1995 Beijing UN-NGO 4th World Women Conference workshop-panel
1994 Beijing Culture, Science & Technology Institute Conf. Art-Culture
1993 New Haven Yale University- WCA –Women Caucus Art. Conference
1992 Birmingham British Council Symposium for Women in Art-speaker
1992 Berlin Int. Congress of History of Art
1992 Madrid XII Congreso Internacional de Estetica
1992 Amsterdam Int. Ass. Of Women Philosopher’s Conf.
1992 India VII Int. Social Philosophy Conference women in philosophy
1984 Toronto College Art Ass. & WCA´s Conference
1983 Montreal World Conf. Philosophers & Women Philosophy.Society
1982 Washington DC World Feminist Media Conference Art and Culture
1981 Copenhagen Women’s Art Gallery Symposium with Danish
Minister of Culture. Speaker on panel Women’s Art Today
1980 Copenhagen NGO Mid-Decade Forum on Women, Head co-ordinator for
Art and Culture program 2nd UN World Women Conference
Founder of KIK Kultural Information and Koordination


1998-03 New York CAA College Art Assoc. board member
of the International Committee
1997-99 Denmark Danish Artists Assoc. BKF Board member Int´. Committee
1980-97 New York KIK Kulturel Information & Koordination Copenhagen
Founder President UN DPI Accredited NGO 1997
1996-08 Denmark KKS Women’s Art Society Board member
1981-82 Copenhagen Amager Art Association – Chairwomen
1994-95 New York Curator: Unibank Art Gallery-Danish Consulate,
1977-78 New York Curator: Scarsdale Library, Westchester Gallery,
1977-93 Copenhagen Curator: Års Art Museum, Glyptotek Art Museum,
Frederiksberg Townhall Galleries
1984-92 Greece Curator: Crete, Folegandros
1984-89 Italy Curator: Florence, Venice, Toscana,


1977-08 New York Visiting artist projects and Artist in Residency
Art schools and colleges. Teach draughtsman ship in
painting and drawing, design, composition, color theory,
Content and Western and non-western academic art
principles. Human Rights, Global Ethics for a Culture
of Peace.

1977-78 New York CETA-Comprehensive Employment and Training
Act. Westchester’s Partners in the Arts program
1984-92 Greece-Italy Summer Art Courses, Athens, Crete, Folegandros
Rom, Venice, Toscana-Florence, Sienna, Pita.


2006 Los Angeles Appointed Ambassador for Art Center College of Art
2001 USA Grant from CAA – College Art Association
1999 Denmark Bikubens Artist Residency - Korsør
1996 Denmark Århus Women´s Museum KIK Archives-working grant
1995 Copenhagen Artists Residence, Rolfsvej 10,Frederiksberg. Grants
1994 USA Virginia Center Creative Arts-Residency fellowship
1991 Denmark Bikuben´s Artist Residency Arresø -fellowship
1990 Denmark Toftlund´s Artist Residency
1987 Denmark Vallekilde Højskole Artist Residency-fellowship
1989 Denmark Ministry of Culture-travel grant
1983 Denmark Council for Humanities-travel grant
1982 Denmark Ministry of Foreign Affairs DANIDA-travel grant
1977-78 New York CETA Art Program Westchester-Community Artists


2006 USA ”The Danish Pioneer ”Artist Anne Marie Carl Nielsen- reveling -
of her statue of Danish Queen Magerete 1 (1353-1421) article
2006 Denmark DR2 Radio “Cultur – talk on Art exhibition at Portalen” -
2005 Denmark TV-Kanal “Portrait of an Artist-Life is good”
1995 USA Internet-Women Artist on Line Arizona State Univ.Art Dept. - http
1995 Holland TV Documentary-Beijing NGO-UN 4th World Women Conference
1994 Denmark Radio programs-Lyngby- Art Fellowship to USA
1991 Denmark TV News-Lorry TV2-Art Exhibit
1981 Greece DR Radio portrait as artist in Greece
1979 Copenhagen DR1Radio-mural painting
1978 Las Vegas Noon Talk Show Art Exhibit
1977 New York Radio interview. Art Funding Write ups:


1997-2003 USA American Artist – group show
1997 Denmark Det Grønne Område – Artist and Agenda 21
1995 New York Pioneeren Artist at the Danish Consulate
1995 Copenhagen KIK NEWS Global Art Network
1995 London WAL Women Art Bulletin KIK in Beijing
1994 Bulgaria Aomawen Magazine Artist Portrait
1993 Denmark Weilbachs Art Encyclopedia
1993 Copenhagen Ellsinore News Retrospective exhibit
1992 New York Scarsdale Inquirer Mural at the Police station
1987 Greece Women Mag. Mural in Chora Library
1984 Copenhagen Lyngby News Mural at Hospital.
1982 Copenhagen Politiken News KIK- Artist portrait
1980 New York Art Magazine Int. Festival in Art-Denmark
1980 New York Women Artists News Copenhagen
1979 Copenhagen Home Magazine Mural at Children Hospital
1978 New York Daily News "Private work/public artists"
1978 New York Scarsdale Inquirer Figurative Paintings
1978 New York New York Post Mural at Stationhouse
1978 New York The Reporter Dispatch Lifestyle-Mural
1978 New York New York Times Mural at Police St.
1975 Atlanta Atlanta News Women in the Arts
1975 Copenhagen Billed Bladet Magazine Artist Portrait
1975 New York Scandinavian News Artist of the Month

Supporting materials on the data is available upon request.


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